New Home Construction in El Paso Texas

Are you interested in new home construction in El Paso, Texas?  You may visit many model homes during your search for the perfect house.

Questions To Ask about New Home Construction

You should ask many important questions at the model home sales offices’.  The first question you ask is:  “Which features in this home are standard and which are upgrades?” because you don’t want to be surprised at closing to find out that your house does not have finished walls or epoxy flooring in the garage (even though they were included in the model home).  Are the light fixtures upgrades or standard?  Are the wood shutters on the windows upgrades or standard?  You notice that there are ceiling fans in every bedroom.  Are those standard or upgrades?  What about the handles and knobs on the cabinets throughout the house?

Also, find out if the builder has a preferred lender because you can often get really good deals if using a builder’s preferred lender; sometimes the builder will offer more concessions towards closing costs or may include additional or upgraded appliances.

New Home Construction Standards

Also, there are many important construction standards that are not required, but are things you may/should want in your new home construction.  For instance, you need to ask if the foundation is a certified post-tension foundation. Because a post tension foundation is a stronger foundation and often comes with a 10-year warranty.  In addition, find out what the insulation rating in the walls and in the ceiling are?  And, you should ask if the garage walls, ceiling and garage doors are insulated?  It is also important to find out what type of ties are used to secure the home to the foundation (wind gusts frequently reach 50-60 mph in El Paso and the surrounding area).

It is normally in your best interest to visit a model home with a real estate expert.  We are certified residential construction and certified new home specialist real estate agents and will be happy to guide you through the new home construction in El Paso Texas. Contact us here

Visit a Builders Model Home & Download a Guidebooks for Buyers

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There are lots of great builders in El Paso Texas.  To see one of the best Visit El Dorado Homes by clicking here.