Seller’s Manual: Factors that Determine a Fast & Profitable Sale.  Sellers who seek to sell their property do so for many reasons. Some reasons include: downsizing, relocating, or needing a larger home for a growing family.  Regardless of the reason, the task of selling a property in a short amount of time can be challenging.

The sale of your house depends on a variety of factors.  Some of these factors include:  current market value, the condition and aesthetic appeal, the neighborhood and location, and most importantly, listing price.

Here are some strategies to help you sell quickly and hopefully at a profit.

Enlist a REALTOR®

The first and foremost step when selling your home is to hire a competent and experienced REALTOR®.

Hiring a real estate agent who has expertise in your neighborhood and can handle all of your marketing and advertising can reduce the total number of days your property spends on the market.  A real estate agent will help you develop a realistic listing price, devise a practical timeline and market your house on as many platforms as possible.

The Listing Price

The listing price is without a doubt the most influential factor that will determine the number of days it will take to sell your house.  If you want a quick and profitable sale, you will need to market your house at competitive listing price.

Naturally, this requires your REALTOR® to examine the prices of similar properties across your neighborhood that have sold within the last year and conduct a comparative market analysis.  Pricing your house correctly will attract offers from potential buyers.

Aesthetic & Functional Appeal

The aesthetic and functional appeal of your property is characterized by the curb appeal, exterior condition and upkeep of your house. A well-maintained and aesthetically attractive property is more likely to attract offers from buyers.

However, a neglected property with a leaky roof or cluttered garage is unlikely to attract potential buyers. Be sure to clean up the property and spruce it up with renovations, repairs and maintenance.

The Location

The location of your property will also determine the number of days your house spends on the market. Houses in coveted areas tend to sell much faster while houses in remote locations often take longer to sell.


Seller’s Manual: Factors that Determine a Fast & Profitable Sale

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